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Meals  >>  Traditional Bedouin Meals

Traditional Bedouin Meals

Bedouin feast meals
rich meaty meals are served at the authentic hospitality Bedouin tent, in a traditional style using large trays and sitting on mattresses and cushions.

Feast meals are served as lunch or dinner on large trays shared by several people. All feast meals include Bedouin pita bread, salads and ‘wipe-it’ food, delicious rice and vegetables ‘Magluba’ dish, a traditional ‘Matfuna’ dish - a whole stuffed chicken, delicious home-made kebab and side dishes, according to the menu.

The Chan offers different kinds of feast meals - from a Bedouin feast meal for families as part of hospitality and lodging at the Chan, and to a fancy Bedouin feast meal for groups and special events.

All meals are kosher. For groups - glat koshe is available!

A ‘wipe-it’ meal

a light  meal served at the hospitality Bedouin tent, sitting on mattresses and cushions and around shared trays.

The meal includes Bedouin pitas, hummus, tehina, pickles and olives, stuffed vine leaves, a selection of ‘wipe-it’ salads, soft drinks, coffee and sweet-smelling herbal tea t finish with.

The ‘wipe-it’ meal is great as a light lunch or as a “on the road” meal, perfect for families and for groups as one.

All meals are kosher. For groups - glat koshe is available!

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